Puerta Fp Walk Over Wood 3pnl %% (24-64"w X 17"h)

Four Paws. Puerta de madera en tres paneles, que expande desde 24 pulgadas hasta 64 pulgadas y a una altura de 17 pulgadas . Haga rapidamente una barrera para su mascota, y igualmente facil la puede quitar. No se necesitan herramientas para su montaje . Por su altura de 17 " pulgadas , es facil de pasar uno por encima y ademas es facil de transportar.

Four Paws. Free Standing Walk Over Wood Gate. Four Paws, Free Standing, Walk Over, 3 and 5 Panel Gates were created with ease-of-use in mind. Quickly set up to barricade and just as quickly remove. No tools or assembly is required. Solid wood slats for durability and aesthetics. At 17 high, the gate panels are easily transported and easy to step over.

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